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We provide a daily variety so one pack is never the same as the next.


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Lunch On The Go is a family business with a simple desire to have high quality, nutritious food for every family member. We have a simple philosophy of love, care and generosity that has the wellbeing of our loved ones at the heart of everything we do.

Lunch On The Go was envisaged when we wanted to supply our children with tasty and healthy lunch options. Convenience is something we all strive for in our busy lives. We all need to have a good, balanced diet but who has the time in the morning to pack, well thought-out, planned lunches which are nutritious and save you time and money?

Lunch, We pack it for you

Do you need healthy options but don’t have the time to run around buying all the great healthy choices available.

21 Packs of Variety

Lunch On The Go will supply you with 21 daily snack packs for a month with options for you to add a quick sandwich or piece of fruit, if necessary, and your lunch is ready. This will be delivered nationally within 7 days.

Nationwide Delivery

In our daily snack packs we provide 3 snacks with either a juice or a water. We have picked healthy options in our packs whilst giving a variety and combinations so one pack is never the same as the next.

Healthy, nutritious snacks

We offer healthy variety for growing bodies and minds. We are continuously looking for new products with high nutritional value so our product range keeps growing.

Lunch on the Go has packed over…

Liters of juice

Individual packed lunches

Individually wrapped items

Funky Fridays

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